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i felt like smiling, smiling while i'm dying...

-insert something suitably depressing & melodramatic here-

the exception to every rule
31 October 1983
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due to the highly private and picky [perhaps even pretentious] nature of the subject herself, this journal is friends only. there may be occasional public posts, but most everything is eventually only visible to friends.


my journal is friends only mainly because i don't want certain people i do know reading what i write. if you don't know me and think you should [or if you do know me and want to know why you're not on the list], then comment.

and why would you add me?

because i am a(n)...

music guru : alpha female : verbal assassin : metaphoric tightrope walker : nonlinear jester : anagram sculptor : necrolinguaphile : keeper of rats : tragic ass : well-versed skeptic : cheerful cynic : antisocial party queen : intp [myers-briggs] : honorary jewish mother [heh] : january 'freshman' / johnnie : assertive submissive


i really don't care.

and because i can:

Version: 3.1
GH/P/L/S/C/SS d?--- s+:+ a-- C++ L W++ N w
!M PS++ PE Y+ PGP t !X R* !tv@ b++++ DI--
D G+ e+>++++ h- r++ x++**@


for the curious:


1. corruption, destruction
2. in the NT that destruction which is effected by the decay of the body after death

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